Actor’s Industry Workshops

SSPI has designed a series of workshops for child actors to showcase and improve their acting abilities. Our first series of workshops are designed for kids, ages 10-18. Come show your talents to us in front of an entertainment industry panel of professionals! Workshops available on October 24th & Novemebr 7th, 2015.

More workshops coming in 2016!



Designed to orientate CHILDREN, grades 5th – 12th, and their parent-guardians on the entertainment industry and give the child a forum to showcase their acting talents.

One parent-guardian per child is welcomed to be in the audience (limited seating).


RSVP TODAY, 415.300.5955

Each Workshop is limited to 12 children & will quickly fill up!

Child’s Cost: $75. (per a two-hour workshop)
Photo-Shoot: $100. (photo-shoot not required, hair & light make-up is included if needed)

1st Workshop – Saturday, October 24th ♦ 9:30am – 11:30am or 1:15pm – 3:15pm

Topics: Acting Skills – “Releasing your genuine inner actor.”
Production – “The magic behind the scenes.”

Guest Speakers on October 24th
Location: RCU, 1010 Grant Ave., Novato

Alan Liss and Eric Rajaniemi will be guests on our professional’s “entertainment industry” panel. Alan is a Veteran Actor and Coach with credits in TV & Film who currently lives in Fairfax. Alan connects the actor with their most genuine inner actor, getting to the heart of each character. Eric is a Seasoned Actor, Assistant Director and Stage Manager from LA. Eric shares his behind-the-scenes knowledge of productions, while also speaking on acting and touring nationally as an actor.

2nd Workshop – Saturday, November 7th ♦ 9:30am – 11:30am or 1:15pm – 3:15pm

Topics: Acting Skills – “Releasing your genuine inner actor.”
Head Shots/Photography – “The actor’s calling-card.”
Managers – “Managing your child actor’s career!”

Guest Speakers on November 7th
Location: RCU, 1010 Grant Ave., Novato

Sean & Taki Kenney will join Alan Liss to be guests on our pro “entertainment industry” panel.

Sean is a Veteran Actor, best known from his role of Captain Pike in the original TV series, Star Trek. He also has a life long love of photography and has done head shots for stars such as John Travolta, Christian Slater and Molly Ringwald. Sean will speak on Acting and explain the “Head Shot,” the actor’s calling-card. In addition Sean will offer photo-sessions!

Taki is a successful entrepreneur who once managed her nephew Nathan Nishiguchi’s acting career through many TV commercials, TV roles, and Film appearances. Nathan’s most popular role was a reoccurring role on Full House as Harry, the boy next door and friend of BJ. Taki will speak about managing a child actor’s career.

Children are asked to come to the workshop prepared with a memorized monologue of three minutes or less to perform in front of our panel. SSPI will provide cold-reading scripts and improvisational techniques to further showcase the children’s talents as actors.

Questions? Please contact Kisstrin Cozier 415.300.5955 or

Download a printable flyer of the Actor’s Industry Workshops hereAdobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32


Eric Rajaniemi will be choreographing our Singing Servers Show Choir this October. He will also be joining us on our entertainment industry workshop series panel on Saturday, October 24th, for our first Actor’s Industry Workshop!

Learn more about Eric Rajaniemi!

Eric Rajaniemi began performing at the age of eight with his elementary school choir. At age eleven he was cast in his first musical and he fell in love with it. In high school he began professional training in short form improv from Comedy Sportz LA. By his high school graduation he had performed in multiple plays and musicals.

Eric’s professional level of theatrical productions began immediately after graduating high school. Eric began working with performers in youth theatre programs. This included working with the El Segundo High School, El Segundo Middle School, and Puttin’ On Productions (POPs), a private youth theatre company, as their Assistant Director and Stage Manager.

In 2013, Eric enrolled in the Young Americans College of the Performing Arts, receiving additional training in singing, dancing, acting, and teaching. He has since toured with the Young Americans on their outreach program teaching young performers nationally. Eric continues to tour with the Young Americans and is taking time off from POPs Productions to work with SSPI in our current projects. He resides in the Los Angeles, CA area.

Kisstrin Cozier developed the Actor’s Industry Workshop series designed to showcase local youth talent to industry professionals as well as orientate youth and adults about the entertainment industry.

Learn more about Kisstrin Cozier

Kisstrin Cozier is from Northern California. She has an AA degree with an emphasis in Theater & Voice from Santa Rosa Junior College. Kisstrin sang in many choirs and performed in several plays while at SRJC. She also stage managed for Masque Unit Children’s Theatre of Marin. After her years spent in Northern California she moved to LA to pursue a career in entertainment.

Kisstrin’s film, television and theater credits include Cross Grain Films’ “Rhapsody on Rails”, Sleeping John Productions’ “Luminarias”, CBS/Bell-Phillip TV Productions’ “the Bold and the Beautiful”, Lifetime Television’s “Moms of a Lifetime”, ABC/Triage Entertainment’s “Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, A Canine Tale”, as well as industrials for Bank of America, Pacific Bell and Xerox. She has also been a prop master at the American Conservatory of Performing Arts in Pasadena, CA… and dabbled in costuming and craft services.

Upon returning to Marin County, she began her family, produced school talent shows, wrote and produced original children’s skits and plays, developed performing arts children’s summer camps and formed SSPI. Kisstrin is the incorporator of Shining Star Productions Incorporated.

Kisstrin developed “Singing Servers”, a fun, student-based community show choir that serves food as it performs. She also developed the Actor’s Industry Workshop series designed to showcase local youth talent to industry professionals as well as orientate youth and adults about the entertainment industry. She is a member of Novato Community Television, serves on many community committees and is an animal lover. It is her vision to bring highly entertaining, original, low cost and therapeutic theatrical productions to youth (and adults) of her community. Kisstrin resides in Marin County, CA.


Alan Liss is a Veteran Actor and Coach with credits in TV & Film who currently lives in Fairfax. Alan connects the actor with their most genuine inner actor, getting to the heart of each character.

Learn more about Alan Liss

Alan studied with Sal Dano, one of the great geniuses of acting in Los Angeles. With 30 years of work and time, he achieved what many people do after they break the code – he makes the process, “The Method”, look simple.

This “Method” traces its roots back to Stanislavski and later to Elia Kazan, Lee Strasberg and the Actor’s Studio. There is no time spent on old school “sense memories” – though any rehearsal technique is valid if it leads to telling the story as written and doing the primary job of the actor – to be real and to be believable. The goal is to work on understanding the scene and getting the appropriate emotion for the character in context of what is written.

There are many roads to get the magic, but as Shakespeare has told us, “The Play’s the Thing”. The actor’s time is better spent understanding the play, the scene and the character. When the actor understands the story, the character and the actor are melded together as one and in the moment, there is no need to fight for emotion – the actor is fighting to control the emotion – and we have magic!

But simple does not mean easy. Like all things worth having, the art of acting requires work. For those who are serious Alan can help. He can help actors nail auditions and take beginners from zero to hero. He can take good actors and make them better if they’re open and willing to break old habits. Success usually follows hard work and it follows the truism that the harder you work the luckier you’ll get!

Alan has worked since 1980 as an actor in Los Angeles and San Francisco and started coaching in the mid-1990s. He has done local theater at the Ross Valley Players (one of the oldest active Theater Groups West of the Mississippi), Industrial films, and was even eaten by a trout in a major Hollywood production. His main passion is helping young actors achieve their goal of becoming a better actor and artist. But it is also his desire to inspire those who have the audacity to want to become a star!

Sean Kenney biophotoSean Kenney is a Veteran Actor, best known from his role of Captain Pike in the original TV series, Star Trek.  He also has a life long love of photography and will offer photo-sessions.

Learn more about Sean Kenney.

Sean is universally known for his role as the crippled Captain Pike in the original Star Trek TV series. He went on to star and guest star in roles on TV and in Film throughout the 60’s and 70’s.

He also has always had a love of photography. Sean’s keen eye for photography, his sense of style and his warm personality earned him a reputation of one of Hollywood’s top photographers. His photographs helped many young actors to get their starts in show business including John Travolta, Christian Slater, and Molly Ringwald, just to name a few.

Both he and his wife Taki, produced a series of seminars for children interested in getting into the entertainment industry.

Currently Sean has several of his original screenplays in development to become feature films. In 2014 he starred in the feature film, Unbelievable, soon to be released.

He makes appearances at Star Trek conventions nationally. He is the author of, “Captain Pike Found Alive,” which is the story of his life and times as an actor and has a five star rating on Amazon. In addition Sean is still actively photographing actors.

Sean and his wife Taki have a flourishing photography business that specializes in the real estate industry. He currently resides in the Woodland Hills area of LA with his family.

Taki_Kenney_biopic Taki Kenney is a successful entrepreneur who will speak about managing a child actor’s career.

… and now for a little about Taki Kenney.

Taki Kenney has written screenplays with her husband Sean and managed child actor’s careers in show business. Nathan Nishiguchi, her nephew was one of the kids she booked as a manager for many commercials, film and TV roles. His most popular was a reoccurring role on Full House as Harry the boy next door and friend of BJ.

Taki, along with her husband Sean, have previously produced a series of workshops in LA designed to help children break into the entertainment industry.

Taki was born an entrepreneur. She has always owned her own businesses. Starting at the early age of twenty she began her retail shops, importing from India, designing and manufacturing clothing, and providing interior commercial and residential design.

Today she owns a marketing company targeting realtors and providing promotional products for their advertising needs. Taki resides in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles with her husband and son.